Kidney Core

Olivier Aubert

Dr Olivier Aubert is a Nephrologist at the Department of Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation at Necker Hospital in Paris, France.

He joined the Paris transplant Group in 2014.

Dr Olivier Aubert defended his M.D in 2014. He obtained the Resident Award of Paris Hospitals. He defended his PhD in in biostatistics in 2017. He is currently associate professor at Necker Hospital in Paris, France. As a part of his PhD in biostatistics, he spent a one-year fellowship in the Alberta Transplant Applied Genomics Center, Edmonton, Canada. His research interest focuses on kidney transplant allocation systems, transplantation using kidneys from expanded criteria donors, antibody mediated rejection, non-invasive biomarkers, and prognostication systems. 

Dr Olivier Aubert received the 2023 Eberhard Ritz Award for young investigators in clinical science for his scientific contribution and commitment towards Nephrology.