The Paris Transplant Group (PTG) is developing a personalized approach for transplant medicine that integrates multidimensional information derived from standard of care (clinical and biological data, histology and immunology) together with novel information coming from cutting edge technologies in immunology, molecular biology, genetics and biomarkers.

The team includes several departments in kidney, heart, lung and liver transplantation, which are known as reference centres.

Kidney transplant

Our consortium includes leading national kidney transplant centers totalling more than 530 transplants each year

Heart transplant

The centers dedicated to heart transplant represent more than 80% of the overall national heart transplant activity (150 transplants each year).

Lung transplant

Our consortium includes leading transplant centers with more than 75 transplants each year.

Liver transplant

Our consortium of liver transplant centers, collaborating seamlessly, conducts over 400 liver transplant procedures annually.

PTG builts the largest comprehensive multi-organ cohort worldwide.

More than

organ transplants per year

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