H2020 Biotool-CHF
AI and analytics leader. This project aims at developing a prognostic system to personalize pharmacological approaches in congestive heart failure.


H2020 Eu4health
AI and analytics leader. This project aims at analyzing the factors that have influenced the organ procurement processes before, during and after the onset of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic to ensure safety and continuity of supply of organ donation.


Prix Émergence en Recherche 2021 IdEx Université de Paris (A. Loupy PI)
The molecular microscope strategy for precision diagnostics in heart transplant rejection.


Prix Émergence ville de Paris (A. Loupy PI)
Development of Contextualization Tools in Kidney Transplantation using Artificial Intelligence : the iBox system and beyond


Prix des Innovateurs Ile De France (A. Loupy PI)
To develop the iBox system by adding a functionality for the standardization of care practices. We thus propose to implement in the iBox application a functionality of clinical and care protocols. This tool for practitioners will be an additional help in medical decision making and will reinforce the clinical utility of the iBox by homogenizing care practices.


iTransplant : intelligence artificielle pour une médecine de précision (A Loupy co PI). 1.8 K€
This project will build the biggest European cohort of transplant patients with high phenotypic value and will study and put together traditional risk factors and innovative biomarkers of transplant rejection in order to generate a dynamic system of precision diagnostic and stratification of rejection/allograft loss based on machine learning strategies.


H2020 EU-TRAIN : The EUropean TRAnsplantation and INnovation consortium for risk stratification in kidney transplant patients (A Loupy PI).
The goal of this project is to develop an integrated risk-stratification and prognosis system (EU-TRACER) to improve graft survival in kidney transplantation. This system will be converted into clinical actionable information for the clinician to monitor individual risk prediction (3, 5, 7, 10-year allograft loss). The project involves 7 European transplant centres in France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and 2 industrial partners (Oxford Immunotec and Cerner)


ANR KTD-innov : Kidney Transplant Diagnostics innovation (A Loupy PI).
Engineering a diagnostic system for precision medicine in kidney transplantation. This project aims at providing a solid algorithm tool to the clinician for rejection diagnosis. The project was funded by the French ANR (National Research Agency) and the consortium involves 7 French referral transplant centres and 2 industrial partners (Cerner and Sebia).


National French Research Agency (INSERM) ATIP Avenir research team
1 post-doctoral fellow funded and a functioning grant of 330K€ over 5 years (A Loupy PI)
Université Paris Cité