This 31rst of May, the kick-off meeting of PITOR, the Paris Institute for Transplantation & Organ Regeneration, took place at the historic Paris Cité University premises. This institute brings together over 40 teams and aims to strengthen collaborations between research and clinical teams. 

For this occasion, Xavier Jeunemaitre, Nicolas Revel, Didier Samuel and Christine Clerici attended and gave an inaugural speech for PITOR.

On top of that, Robert Montgomery, Claire Wilhelm and Gabriel Oniscu gave us the honor of speaking on transplant topics: 

  • Robert Montgomery: Xenotransplantation
  • Claire Wilhelm:  Organ models and organs-on-chips
  • Gabriel Oniscu:  PITOR as seen by ESOT

Congratulations to Alexandre Loupy, Catherine Chaussain, Carmen Lefaucheur, Didier Letourneur and Alexandre Mebazaa on the birth of this project and the bright prospects it offers.