Adel Aidoud

Adel Aidoud Abderrahmane is a clinical research associate at the department of nephrology and kidney transplantation at Necker hospital in Paris, France.

He joined the Paris Transplant Group in 2014.

Adel Aidoud Abderrahmane defended his Veterinary PhD in 1997,  He obtained a certificate of clinical research in Paris in 2013.

His research interest focuses on :
– Data input (biological assessments, antecedents, infections, complications, biopsy, follow-up, HLA immunization, ….) of patients transplanted since 2004 on the DIVAT database (Computerized and Validated Data in Transplantation)
– Query the statistical tool DIVAT PLUG – STAT, allowing to extract data and generate reports in response to the requests of the investigating doctors
– Update of other medical database
– Control and correction of inconsistencies and missing data.