Antoine Bouquegneau

Dr Antoine Bouquegneau is a Nephrologist in the Department of Nephrology-Dialysis and Transplantation at the CHU of Liège, Belgium.

He joined the Paris Transplant Group in 2016.

Dr Antoine Bouquegneau defended his M.D in 2010, and his residency in Nephrology back in 2016. He obtained the position of associate clinical chief at the CHU of Liege in 2017. He is currently working on his thesis project in medical science, that he plans to submit in 2020.

His research interest focuses on the performance of creatinine based-equations to estimate renal function in different populations, the evaluation of phospho-calcium metabolism in transplant kidney patients and the realization of a meta-analysis evaluating the significant deleterious impact on allograft survival of complement-activating anti-HLA DSAs. His current PhD project is based on the outcome of kidney transplant patients with a desensitized protocol prior to kidney transplant.

Dr Antoine Bouquegneau is involved in the Belgian Society of Young Nephrologists and in the French Transplant Society.