Antoine Roux

Antoine Roux is a pneumologist (MD, PhD) at the pneumology department at Foch hospital in Suresnes, France.

He joined the Paris Transplant Group in 2017.

Dr Antoine Roux defended his M.D in 2007. After a residency and fellowship dedicated to acute lung dysfunction mainly in the context of infectious diseases and immunosuppressed patients he specialized in the field of Lung transplantation.
He obtained a PhD in immunology in 2013 focused on CMV specific immune response in Lung Transplanted patients. While doing his post-doctoral year at the UCLA Immunogenetic Center, he worked on deciphering humoral response specific of lung allograft.

His research interest focuses now on clinical, histological and immunological phenotypes related to acute graft failure in order to design appropriate and targeted therapeutic strategies.

Dr Antoine Roux is heading the International Congress on Lung Transplantation and is involved in the ISHLT and BANFF scientific Committee.