Marion Rabant

Marion RABANT is a Professor at the department of Pathology at Necker-Enfants malades Hospital in Paris, France.

She is member of the Paris Transplant Group.

Marion Rabant defended her Nephrology M.D in 2008. She became a nephropathologist in 2012. She defended her PhD in immunology, in 2015.

Her research interest focuses on pathology of transplantation, mainly in kidney but also intestinal transplantation. She studied chemokines as urinary biomarkers in the field of kidney transplantation and she is developing  a technic of multiparametric immunofluorescence on FFPE slides. 

​Marion Rabant is involved in several Banff working groups (Banff rules and dissemination ; Thrombotic microangiopathies) and is the chair of the pediatric transplantation pathology working group of ERK/NET.