Maud Racapé

Maud Racapé is a senior postdoctoral fellow at INSERM U970 in Paris, France.

She joined the Paris Transplant Group in 2014.

Maud Racapé defended her PhD in immunology in 2010 in the field of kidney transplantation. She then spent 3 years in Canada studying Rheumatoid Arthritis as a postdoctoral fellow.

She has strong background in basic sciences (cell culture, molecular and cellular biology techniques, in vivo animal models) and was trained in the Paris Transplant Group for data handling and analysis.

​She is currently the team’s project manager in charge of coordinating 3 multicenter prospective studies: miRRACLE (microRNA biomarkers as non invasive biomarkers of cardiac transplant rejection), KTD-innov (Kidney Transplantation Diagnostics Innovation) and EU-TRAIN (consortium for risk stratification in kidney transplant patients).